Working Together for a Healthy North


The Stanton Territorial Hospital Foundation is dedicated to raising funds for patient care, equipment and major capital needs at the Stanton Territorial Hospital.

‘An incredible act of kindness will live on with people forever’


In April 1997, the Stanton Territorial Hospital Foundation (STHF) received its charitable status as a public foundation. The Foundation immediately began a major capital campaign that would span over three years and raise $1,813,740 for seven pieces of critical care equipment. With a dedicated team of volunteers and overwhelming support from the people of the Northwest Territories, the Foundation surpassed its initial goal by raising $2.3 million dollars within 18 months.


Over $7 million has been raised for the territorial hospital. Because of our donors, the following results were achieved in the last few years:

  • A digital mammography machine
  • Enhancements to the Pediatric Unit, with among other things, the purchase of a vital signs monitor and a pediatric wheelchair
  • Support of the Aboriginal Wellness Program


When the kidneys fail, wastes and fluids accumulate in the body and must be removed through dialysis treatment. Unless the individual receives a kidney transplant, they are dependent on dialysis. This means they have to spend 4-6 hours every second day of their lives on dialysis. Dialysis treatment keeps people alive!


The Canadian Organ Replacement Registry reports that from 1992 to 2011, the rate for patients on dialysis in Canada increased by 160%. There is an eightfold increase in aboriginal patients requiring dialysis compared to non-aboriginal patients. In 2013, 110 patients were being treated at the territorial hospital with end stage disease requiring dialysis and in just two years, that number rose to 500! Numbers continue to increase. In the last year, media reported on people being turned away because the dialysis unit at the Stanton Territorial Hospital was operating at full capacity. Given the increasing prevalence of diabetes in the population, kidney failure is a pressing issue for the health care system. Unless there is an expansion of the existing unit, more people will be turned away.


In June 2015, it became apparent that the Stanton Territorial Hospital was having difficulties answering to the need for dialysis treatment. After meeting with the hospital administration, the Foundation decided to take action! In November 2015, the Foundation launched its dialysis dream: Dialysis North. The goal is to raise a total of $275,000 to purchase 4 dialysis machines, a transonic hemodialysis monitor and make the necessary renovations.


It is essential to recognize the incredible generosity of northern residents and businesses. Each contribution to this campaign will be afforded special acknowledgements and privileges, in accordance with the Foundation’s gift levels. For example, you may be eligible to receive the following:

  • Name on the entrance to the Dialysis unit
  • Recognition inside the Dialysis unit
  • VIP tickets to the 2016 Northwestel Festival of Giving banquet
  • Various advertising and marketing opportunities.


Contact us to learn more about the value of contributing to Dialysis North:

(867) 669-7289          

Remember, your contribution can be tailored to help you accomplish your goals and meet your interests.