Ken continued his life journey North and came to Yellowknife in September, 2014 from Smithers, B.C. where he had spent the previous 17 years working in healthcare, mining and public practice. Ken moved to Smithers from Victoria, B.C. where hegrew up and worked in municipal government and healthcare.

Ken had worked for the Queen Alexandra Centre for Children’s Health in Victoria as the Director of Finance and also provided accounting support to the Queen Alexandra Foundation for Children, now known as the Children’s Foundation of Vancouver Island. He moved to Smithers to work for the Bulkley Valley Health Council for several years, moved on to positions in mining and public practice, and worked for the United Church Health Services prior to moving to Yellowknife.

He is a CGA, receiving my designation in 1993. His knowledge and skill base has been enhanced with management and technical training.

Ken has volunteered with many groups including sports organizations, arts groups, community committees, and also served as a municipal Councillor. He strongly believe in volunteering to help create a strong community. Ken has taken a break from volunteering since moving to Yellowknife but now having settled in, he feels ready to provide some service. Throughout my experience working in healthcare, he knows that there is always a shortfall in funding, especially for capital and equipment items. He feels that hospital foundations are necessary organizations to support healthcare systems.